Ramsay Realty has been the most respected and experienced real estate and property management company in the Applegate Valley and Historic Jacksonville area since we started in 1966. With offices in Ruch (located 7 miles from Jacksonville in the Applegate Valley) and downtown Historic Jacksonville, our highly visual and convenient locations make it easy for visitors and locals alike to shop our inventory.

Our experienced agents are uniquely qualified to handle all kinds of rural and residential real estate properties and transactions. We service to our clients needs whether it be buying, selling, short-term (vacation) rentals, or longer-term house rentals.

The Applegate Valley is a sought out retreat to the good life. With over 255 days of sunshine a year and four mild seasons the valley can be considered a year round paradise. You’ll find quiet recreation from the Applegate Lake, down the Applegate River, through the mountain trails and along the irrigated farm land, vineyards and wineries. Most of the rural land has easy access to city conveniences with the peace and quiet of country living. The Applegate Valley office is located on Highway 238, 7 miles west of Jacksonville.

Historic Jacksonville is a charming window to our frontier past with many of it’s buildings built in the 1800’s. The world renowned Britt Music Festival enhances our quaint summer evenings, making the area a desirable place to own a home. Here you’ll find an excellent mixture of vintage and newer homes to choose from, comforted in the lifestyle of a small town.

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